About the Author

Marylyn Varriale- Author of When Simple Was Hard to Do

Marylyn Varriale
has spent many successful years capturing thoughts and feelings in music, lyrics and story form.  She has composed numerous songs and musical plays that inspire young children.   Her experiences as an educator and teaching artist have helped her achieve these goals.

Marylyn has worked with students on all levels, from Kindergarten -12th grade.  She has taught both vocal and instrumental music, as well as directed musical plays for all age groups.

Composer Marylyn Varriale Working on a Musical Piece with StudentsAuthor Marylyn Varriale Reading to Students

Marylyn Varriale- TinyFootlights
Early in her career, she formed

 a company called, “Tiny Footlights.”  She was the author/composer of mini-musicals for children,  performed throughout southern New England.


Presently, as a Teaching Artist for Long Island University,  Marylyn brings the Lincoln Center Aesthetic Education approach to school children on Long Island.

Among her published works is “Letterville” – a musical approach to the teaching of phonics, published by The National Reading Styles Institute (NRSI.com).

For further information and samples of her work, please visit her website: